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If you are living with a drug or alcohol addiction, you aren't alone. An estimated 23.5 million American adults struggle with substance abuse, and this figure is growing. Use this directory of various centers for Drug Treatment in St.Petersburg in order to locate addiction rehabilitation methods available to help you reclaim your life. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process because addiction is a chronic disease. Many times this is because they think only of the dependency and not the underlying reasons for the addiction. This list of various facilities for Drug Treatment in St. Petersburg can help you to heal drug and alcohol addictions as chronic diseases with many underlying factors contributing to the disease symptoms and progression.

The centers have therapists and doctors to help patients uncover their underlying issues and behaviors that encourage their addiction. Residential and outpatient programs are both offered by many of the different Drug Treatment Centers in St. Petersburg as well as relapse prevention programs and addiction aftercare services like sober living and continued counseling.

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Discover the most effective options to find the right option for your needs. Drug abuse and addiction are associated with significant changes in the behavior and mood of the drug user. Irrational behavior, anxiety, depression, and anger are all side effects of excessive drug use and intoxication. Decision making can be considerably impaired while under the influence of addictive substances.

Healthcare professionals will all agree that an individual struggling with drug abuse and misuse should never attempt to recover on their own. Getting help from professionals and even peers can provide the motivation you'll need to overcome your addiction problems without turning to substance abuse. Having proper support groups can make the difference when emotional stress becomes too much to bear.

20 Best Alcohol Addiction Rehab Facilities in St. Petersburg

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Drug Rehab Facilities in St. Petersburg

What is Addiction?

Addiction is defined as any physical or emotional dependency on a substance, such as drugs or alcohol. Many people assume that addicts lack willpower or motivation, but it is important to know that addiction is considered a disease. Chemicals in drugs and alcohol produce an excess of dopamine in the body, resulting in constant cravings for the substance to maintain a high or pleasant feeling. Drug rehab is often times the only means of overcoming addiction. Signs of addiction may include the following:

  • Financial instability
  • Changes in grooming habits
  • Significant weight loss or gain
  • Isolation or excessive partying
  • Strange odors on the body or clothing

Addicts often experience a variety of physical and mental symptoms as well. Bodily aches and pains, fluctuations in body temperature and periods of memory loss are all associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Mental effects include depression, anxiety, and rapid mood swings.

Treatment Methods

Inpatient rehabilitation is the most proven method for treating drug and alcohol addictions. It is also the most intensive as it requires on-site residency for one or more months. However, this requirements virtually eliminates the chance for early relapse and allows you to focus solely on your treatment plan. Outpatient treatment does not require residency and maybe a more flexible option for working adults or anyone unable to dedicate their time to an inpatient program.

During rehabilitation, you can look forward to a variety of different activities and therapies, which may include the following:

  • Individual Counseling: This type of therapy allows you to collaborate with a counselor who can help you overcome any issues that are bothering you, such as anxiety, triggers, and relapse prevention strategies.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Known as CBT for short, this therapy focuses on identifying and coping with underlying behaviors related to addiction.
  • Group Therapy: Group therapy and group-based programs such as 12 step programs provide an open, supportive and collaborative environment where you can share your experiences and feelings with other recovering addicts.

If you are ready to take the first step towards an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle, don't hesitate to take action. Call one of the listed centers for Drug Treatment in St. Petersburg today and compare your options for rehabilitation.

About St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a city Florida's Pinellas County with an estimated population of 249,688. As the 4th most populated state in Florida it is not only a great place to live but also a destination many Americans and Foreigners choose to vacation. A city rich in history and culture St. Pete has an entire division focused on preserving and educating the community on its history. The city currently has more than 80 individual landmarks and 2 historic districts listed as local historic landmarks.

To add to that St. Pete has its own designated historical landmarks such as 1920's hotels, decorative commercial buildings, and residences located majorly in the downtown area. Today St. Pete is in the process of remodeling their community with innovative changes that both honor the past and create a bright future. With new shopping centers, homes, and businesses St. Pete is creating new opportunities that will only encourage individuals to come to work, play, live and be creative.

Begin Your Recovery and Attend a Program for Drug Treatment in St. Petersburg

Recovering from addiction with the help of one of the alcohol rehabs in St. Petersburg can get you back to the life you loved before you began abusing substances. With the right addiction treatment in St. Petersburg, you will find that you can learn about recovery, safely go through detox, and move forward with your life. You will hear about a variety of different types of treatment programs, and it helps to know what each type of treatment program is before you start looking.

You may find programs described in the following ways as you search for centers that offer drug treatment in St. Petersburg:

•   Supervised Detox Treatment: A supervised detox treatment facility is where you will begin the recovery process. You are supervised throughout your stay so that you can safely remove drugs or alcohol from your system. When you are in a facility for detox, you will get the support and care that you need in order to withdraw from drugs or alcohol safely. This type of treatment program usually lasts anywhere between a few days and ten days, depending on the substances you are addicted to and how the withdrawal process goes for you.

•   Residential Treatment Short-term: Residential treatment when you are just beginning your recovery process is usually short-term in the beginning. You will be able to learn about addiction and various methods of drug rehab in St. Petersburg while working on the emotional and behavioral pieces of addiction recovery. You can go to a short-term residential program after time in a detox facility for a few weeks, even a month or two if necessary.

•   Long-term Residential Treatment: Long-term residential treatment is provided to individuals working on addiction recovery who are not ready to return home after a stay in a short-term facility. When you don't feel safe returning home right away, you can go to a long-term residential treatment program for six months or more. Long-term residential treatment allows you to continue the work you were doing in short-term rehabilitation, giving you more stability in your overall recovery.

•   Sober Living Residential Treatment: A sober living community is beneficial for a wide number of reasons. People who don't have a safe living environment find a supportive community within a sober living program. The people living in a sober living community are working hard on their own recovery. You will find support from your peers and have the guidance of staff in a sober living community. You will slow reintegrate into the community through a sober living program and be able to gain confidence that you can make it out in the world as a sober individual.

•   Outpatient Treatment Services for Rehabilitation: Outpatient services are any recovery and addiction services you receive but return home each night. Outpatient services can include a day program such as an Intensive Outpatient Program, or Partial Hospitalization Program for drug or alcohol rehab in St. Petersburg. Going to a therapist for addiction treatment and recovery in St. Petersburg is considered outpatient treatment, as well as attending group therapy sessions. Outpatient treatment will help you gain better control of your addiction and keep you on the path to recovery.

The Warning Signs of a Relapse

Recovery takes time and the ability to pay attention to the warning signs that a relapse may occur. While you may hear frequently that relapse is a part of recovery in St. Petersburg, good addiction treatment provides you with information around the warning signs of a potential relapse. You may not always be able to prevent a relapse, but you can try to work through problems before you need alcohol rehab in St. Petersburg after a relapse. Some signs that can indicate a relapse is close include:

•   Feeling that you no longer need drug treatment in St. Petersburg because you can use a little and not get addicted again.

•   Staying away from meetings and not communicating with the friends you have met while in recovery. When you begin to isolate yourself from those that have been your support network, you are at a higher risk of a relapse.

•   Dreaming of using and remembering the good times when you were high or intoxicated. When you begin to fantasize about using substances, you are going to need support to avoid a relapse.

•   Increased stress levels that you are not able to manage using the tools you have learned while in recovery. When you are not able to get your stress under control, you are more likely to turn to substances to manage your stress for you.

The path of recovery is different for everyone. While the signs of an impending relapse may not seem obvious at first, pay attention to your commitment levels. If you have started to drift away from the friends you have met in recovery, or you no longer feel like treatment matters, it's time to find new ways to commit to your sobriety. When you don't want to deal with a relapse and want to avoid another detox program in St. Petersburg, find ways to manage your stress and get your addiction back under control before you relapse.

Relapse Prevention Strategies for Addiction in St. Petersburg

When you are in recovery, you will hear your peers and staff talk about relapse prevention strategies. In general, relapse prevention strategies include almost anything that keeps you from abusing substances. You'll want to pay attention to the activities that help you feel grounded, keep you from feeling stressed out and give you the support you need while you are working to stay sober. A few ideas to help you stay sober include:

•   Meeting a friend for coffee to talk through something that is bothering you. When you reach out to a friend for support, you are going to feel more connected to others. Feelings of isolation can lead to substance abuse if you are not careful.

•   Trying a new activity, such as an art class or a meditation seminar. When you try new things that can help you reduce stress, you will find that staying sober becomes a bit easier. New coping strategies to minimize stress levels have a big impact on your sobriety.

•   Go for a long walk in nature. You don't have to be a hiker to enjoy some time out in nature. Go for a long walk and try to take deep breaths. Sit down and enjoy the sounds of nature around you. Breathing deep while out in nature will have a positive impact on your overall health.

As you go through the recovery process, techniques that work at the beginning of your treatment may not always be effective. What reduces your stress, in the beginning, may become stale. Always look for ways to have a more positive attitude, to engage in your community and to feel more connected overall with others in your life. Relapse prevention strategies will benefit you and give you a way to manage your life in a more productive way.

Peer Support is Vital to Your Recovery

Right from the start, you will learn how important peer support is to your recovery process. The various centers for drug treatment in St. Petersburg will teach you how to avoid the isolation that often comes when you get help. When you are feeling all alone, it becomes much harder to stay sober. When you build a support network around you over time, you will soon discover that there are many people who have gone to drug treatment centers in St. Petersburg and are now working on their own recovery. As you meet people in treatment, you will build friendships that become integral to your overall success.

Peer support is encouraged at every step of your recovery. You will learn valuable tools from those that have been sober longer, and you will be able to teach others once you become skilled at relapse prevention strategies. When you share your stories and talk in group meetings, you will soon discover that others have a similar story that you do.

While many people feel that addiction is isolating and that no one will really understand, you will realize that your peers are there for you during the times you are struggling with your addiction. The road to recovery is different for everyone, but peer support is a big part of the process.

Stay Honest in Your Interactions with Others in Addiction Treatment

How you interact with others is going to have a big impact on your success in sobriety. When you are honest in your interactions, you are going to get the help from drug treatment centers in St. Petersburg that you deserve. While you are in a drug rehab in St. Petersburg, you will work closely with a counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan. You will want to be clear with your counselor so that you prepare for your treatment ahead.

Many people that struggle with addiction have a hard time being completely open about what is going on in their lives. Hiding an addiction takes work, and this often means lying to others to keep your addiction secret. While in recovery and addiction treatment, pay attention to how you talk to others. While you may be nervous about sharing and want to avoid the truth, do so by simply passing instead.

When you pay close attention to your interactions with others and your honesty, you will get more out of your treatment. While it is going to be hard to be completely truthful with others, you will soon discover that being honest is going to help you the most. There is no need to be ashamed of your story, and you will see that others don't treat you poorly because of your past mistakes.

Are You Ready for Drug Treatment in St. Petersburg?

If you are thinking about drug treatment in St. Petersburg, then it's time for you to go to a drug rehab for treatment. When you are tired of trying to live with your addiction, it's time to get help. If you have been wondering how your life is ever going to get better while you remain addicted to substances, you are ready to get the help you need to get your life back from addiction.

You won't be able to plan the perfect time to go to an alcohol rehab in St. Petersburg, but you will be able to decide when you have lived the life of addiction long enough. It isn't easy to be away from home and to plan for your absence, but staying addicted to substances has even more serious consequences.

Understand that when you get help, you are going to be able to live a sober, more productive life while out in the community. Once you are able to physically detox from substances, you will get the support you need to continue the work of living sober. You will learn relapse prevention strategies and get the drug addiction treatment in St. Petersburg that is going to help you live a healthier life.

While you may feel ready to enter alcohol rehab in St. Petersburg, you can't afford to wait for treatment either. Addiction does not go away when you ignore it and generally gets much worse. To avoid hitting rock bottom and having a life that is completely out of control, understand that the right time for attending a cetner offering drug treatment in St. Petersburg is right now.

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is Used in Addiction Treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a therapeutic approach to managing the thoughts that often come with addiction. When you learn how to have more positive thoughts, your addiction becomes under better control. Many substance abuse treatment facilities use CBT to teach those struggling with addiction how to think more productively.

Thoughts that have little basis, in reality, are common for those who need addiction treatment. Thoughts such as "I'll never get better" or, "I always relapse anyway", aren't going to be useful. Using statements that include never or always are generally not going to be true. For a person who is working on recovery with a CBT therapist, the work will involve addressing negative thought patterns and statements. Instead of "I'll never get better", a CBT therapist might suggest, "It is work to heal, but I can get better."

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy goes slowly in the beginning. You may feel as though you continue to talk about the same thing frequently. This is because it can be very difficult to change negative thought patterns and it takes repetition for the change to be effective. You can heal from your addiction in St. Petersburg but it is going to take time and effort.

Don't Be Afraid to Seek Treatment for Your Addiction

Getting drug rehab treatment in St. Petersburg takes courage. When you are nervous about entering treatment and think people in your life are not going to be supportive, it's hard to make the decision to go. The bottom line is that you aren't going to be able to heal from your addiction without professional help. Addiction does not go away just because you want it to. It takes professional help to truly overcome an addiction and learn how to live in a healthier way.

If you are nervous about going to addiction treatment, try a 12-step meeting in your community. Just go and listen to those who are speaking about addiction. You don't have to say anything while you are there and can hear the stories of others who have gone through addiction treatment. If you connect with someone there, ask to talk further.

You can ask questions about any addiction treatment facility you are interested in. What you fear is usually not the reality of the place. Most substance abuse treatment facilities are professional, compassionate, and offer you a safe environment in which you can work on your addiction treatment needs. While it can be hard to take the first step, you will quickly realize that you are not alone and that you don't have to be afraid of treatment any longer.

Why Choose Inpatient or Outpatient Drug Treatment in St. Petersburg

The difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment in St. Petersburg is simple. In an inpatient setting, you live at the facility and receive support 24 hours a day. Outpatient treatment means that you go home each night while receiving some type of treatment during the day.

The right treatment for you depends on a number of factors. If you aren't ready to be home, you need an inpatient program. When you don't have a safe home environment, you'll need a residential treatment program to work through your recovery. If you have a wonderful, safe home, you may be fine going to treatment during the day and returning home each night.

You will work with a counselor to address your treatment needs, and this is when you can talk about whether you should go to treatment as an inpatient or on an outpatient basis. Recovery goes step by step, and rushing yourself is only going to make your recovery harder. Take each day as it comes in your recovery process and you will be more successful in the long term.

Maintain Your Health to Make Your Recovery Stronger

When you take good care of your physical health, it will be easier for you to maintain your sobriety. A good exercise plan and healthy eating habits will go a long way toward helping you feel more stable and grounded. Taking care of your body will help you have the stamina you need to continue the work you are doing around recovery and addiction.

If you are not into exercise, try going for a long walk. This can help reduce stress levels and give you a clearer mind when you are trying to work through a problem. You can also take an exercise class that is low impact so that you exercise with the support of other people.

Your physical health can have a big impact on your mental health. When you feel overwhelmed or stressed out, how you take care of your body is going to help you feel better. If you load up on comfort food, you will soon discover that it isn't very comforting to you in the long run.

Try eating a little healthier and you will see that your mood seems a bit brighter and your energy levels don't fall so quickly. While you aren't going to cure an addiction with food and exercise, you are going to help your mind and body feel a whole lot better.

Are You Ready for a Supervised Detox?

It is never going to be the perfect time to enter a supervised detox treatment. When you have a job, a family and other obligations, you may make many excuses as to why it's not time for supervised detox. The problem is, without drug treatment in St. Petersburg, you are going to continue down the path of addiction until your life is completely out of control.

If you are ready to stop living the life of addiction, you are ready for supervised detox. When your relationships are strained and you are about to lose your job because of addiction, it's time to go to a supervised detox. When you can't see a way out of your addiction and you are feeling hopeless, it's time to make the call for help and get out from under the addiction you are dealing with.

You are ready for supervised when you are addicted to substances and you have not been able to stop abusing drugs or alcohol on your own. When you get help for your addiction, the first step is a supervised detox facility to help you manage the physical aspects of addiction.

Attending a Center for Drug Treatment in St. Petersburg 

The environment at the various facilities for drug treatment in St. Petersburg is professional, empathetic and comfortable. You will meet all types of people when you go to treatment, and you will find that many people are just like you. Staff will treat you with respect and care as you work through the stages of recovery. It is understood that asking for help from addiction is a move that requires strength, and anyone receiving treatment is going to be given the respect they deserve for making this bold move.

While you are in a facility, you will attend group sessions. You will get to know others quite as well as you talk about addiction and what led you there in the first place. You will be taught that peer support is an important piece of the recovery process, and without peer support, recovery is very lonely.

As you meet people in recovery, you will build friendships that will help you once you leave the program. People who are good at building up a support network of peers are more successful at staying sober. While your old friends and family members may not understand what you are going through, the people you meet who are in the same process of recovery will understand.

When you connect with other people who are in recovery, you are going to feel less alone. Isolation and loneliness are common for those dealing with an addiction and the goal of treatment is to learn how to engage with others who have similar issues.

Stay Committed to the Process of Recovery

Over time, your commitment to sobriety can lessen. As you heal from your addiction, you may start to feel as though you don't need treatment for your addiction any longer. While it may be true that you don't need intensive treatment any longer, you still need to stay committed to your own sobriety. If you find yourself no longer interested in going to meetings and you haven't been communicating with friends who have become part of your support network, it's time to ask yourself why you are moving away from your sobriety.

If you are feeling great and you haven't been tempted to use substances, you are healing and may be able to spend less time focusing on your recovery. If you are moving away from your support network because you are thinking about using again, it's time to get focused on your recovery once again.

You aren't going to need intensive treatment over a lifetime, but you will want to pay attention to your motivations when you no longer feel like connecting with your friends in recovery. When you stay committed to your own sobriety, you will have less of a chance of a relapse over the long term.

Understanding What Alcohol Addiction Looks Like

Alcohol addiction is often overlooked by many people who suffer from it. Drinking alcohol is legal, and many people don't see the connection between addiction and alcohol. What may start off as social drinking becomes out of control drinking that is done consistently, no matter what the consequences are to your overall health. Signs of alcohol addiction include:

•   Choosing the ability to drink alcohol over a prescription medication you really need.

•   Getting upset when an opportunity to drink gets canceled.

•   Always looking for reasons to have a few drinks.

•   Making poor decisions while intoxicated but doing the same behavior repeatedly.

•   Fights with your spouse over the amount of alcohol you consume.

 •  Calling out of work because of a hangover.

•   Resolving to stop drinking, but never being successful.

When your drinking is out of control, you aren't able to stop on your own. If you make bad decisions while intoxicated, you aren't just socially drinking. When you are always looking for new opportunities to drink, you probably aren't just a social drinker. If you have tried to curb your consumption of alcohol without success, it's time to look for treatment options to help you live a better life.

It's Time to Seek Drug Treatment in St. Petersburg and Stop Waiting

Waiting for your life to get better from addiction is only going to make the problem linger. Addiction doesn't go away on its own. While you may think willpower is enough, addiction is a powerful disease that takes over your life. When you seek treatment for addiction, you aren't weak. You are making a strong decision to get the most out of your life and stop living the life of an addict.

Your life is waiting for you. When you are no longer in control, you need help. Addiction treatment begins with time in a supervised detox and continues on until you are ready to return home. No matter what type of help you need, it is available to you. From supervised detox to long-term residential care, you can heal from your addiction if you are willing to take the first step.

Once you are able to physically remove drugs or alcohol from your system through supervised detox, you will discover that addiction has a behavioral and emotional component as well. You will learn ways to cope with stress in your life and hear why addiction is so powerful. Instead of turning to drugs or alcohol for comfort, you will soon discover that there is a whole world out there waiting for you to discover it.

One of the programs that offer addiction Treatment in St. Petersburg can help you recover from addiction one step at a time. Work closely with your counselor and develop a treatment plan that works for you. A treatment plan gives you a plan to follow as you move through the recovery process and allows you to know what to expect next.

Recovery is a methodical process. When you listen to the professionals providing you with treatment, you will be able to start living a better, healthier life that is free from the substances that are in control right now. You may be nervous about treatment, but that doesn't mean you should keep waiting. Don't let yourself hit rock bottom before you start getting the help you deserve. Your life is worth it, and your friends and family want you to get help for your addiction. Use this directory of various centers for drug treatment in St. Petersburg and get help today.

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