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A significant number of Americans have alcohol use disorder. The National Institute on Drug Abuse puts the number at almost 1.7 million adults. That figure includes people who abuse alcohol as well as alcoholics, and it is clear that a huge number could benefit from alcohol rehab programs.

It is a mistake to assume that only alcoholics should think about joining alcohol rehab programs. People who regularly abuse alcohol may not be addicted, but stand a very good chance of becoming so. Alcohol rehab can teach them to modify their drinking habits so they eliminate that chance.

Alcoholics must have rehab if they are to have a real chance of getting and staying sober. Drug Treatment St. Petersburg can help. Call us today at (727) 362-4547 for more information on alcohol rehab programs.


Continual alcohol intake creates physical changes in the body, and the presence of alcohol is now needed for various cells to function. When alcohol is removed, there is a violent reaction during withdrawal that can be fatal.

Alcoholics should seek residential treatment to help them through detox. There, they can receive medications that will diminish the anxiety, the emotional and physical agony, and the other symptoms of withdrawal. As the body readjusts to the absence of alcohol, it can go into a type of shock known as delirium tremens. This is a very serious condition with a substantial risk of death. Medical detox prevents this from happening.

Signs of alcoholism

In most cases, people progress to becoming alcoholics quite slowly, and it can be hard to recognize when their drinking is out of control. Additionally, people can be quite clever about hiding their drinking, so even close family members may be unaware of just how much a person is drinking every day. When people begin to put a lot of focus on alcohol, they are likely to be addicted. If they undergo major behavioral changes, like opting out of social activities, withdrawing from friends or getting drunk frequently, these are warning signs.

Late onset alcoholism

There is a perception that alcoholism is confined to people who began drinking when they were very young, but this is not the case. Alcoholism can strike at any age. Late onset alcoholism is a phenomenon that occurs when people suddenly face major changes in their lives. Two of the biggest factors that can precipitate this are retirement and bereavement.

Before people retire, they often have a dream of sitting in the sun enjoying a cool drink, happy in the knowledge that they have no pressure of work to cope with. Unfortunately, for many people that dream becomes a nightmare when they start to drink too much simply because they have nothing else to do. Instead of enjoying a pleasant drink in the afternoon or evening, the entire time is spent drinking, and alcoholism can follow quickly.

Bereavement can be devastating for older people. They may have spent most of their adult lives with a single partner. When that partner dies, there is an enormous gap in their lives. In most cases, the children will be living in their own homes, and the bereaved person is retired, so he or she does not even have the distraction of work. Bereaved people can take solace in drinking and can quickly become addicted.

Where to get alcohol rehab

People who need alcohol rehab can go to Drug Treatment St. Petersburg, where they offer residential detox care with 24-hour monitoring, as well as a wide range of relapse preventions and addiction aftercare therapies. To find out more about our facilities or our treatments, please call us today at (727) 362-4547 .

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