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There are millions of people in the U.S. who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and this number continues to rise. When any of these people wants to quit taking the addictive substance, they will need help from addiction experts because successfully quitting without such help is almost impossible. The kind of help they need is available in drug rehab centers in St. Petersburg. Drug rehab centers are facilities dedicated solely to providing help for addicts, and they provide a service for which general hospitals or local medical clinics do not have the resources.

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Why addicts need drug rehab centers

Addiction is a disease that does not simply disappear, and it needs to be treated just like any other chronic disease. Despite the general perception that addicts choose to live the way they do, the reality is that once they are addicted, they essentially have no choice but to continue taking drugs because their compulsion to do so overrides everything else, including their desire to survive.

Very few individuals can drum up the strength and resolve to break free from drug or alcohol addictions without the kind of help provided by drug rehab centers. During long years of abuse, addicts build dependency on the substances they take. That means their bodies cannot function properly without these substances, and the addicts will experience very unpleasant, possibly even fatal, reactions if they suddenly stop taking them. These reactions will occur as the body tries to readjust rapidly to cope without the addictive substance, but the danger and discomfort can be greatly reduced with proper medical attention.

This critical withdrawal period is an unavoidable stage that all addicts will have to go through. It may last from several days to a few weeks, and addicts will feel intense compulsions to relapse during it, and for a few weeks immediately afterwards. Those who try to get through this phase without help rarely succeed, and it is better to do so in a drug treatment center.

After a few weeks, the cravings will be less intense, and they will begin to diminish in frequency, but they will still be present, and addicts must be taught how to deal with them. Detox aftercare and recovery programs are just as important in helping addicts, and drug rehab centers can provide this care, preparing them for the struggles they will go through to conquer their addiction.

Signs of drug addiction

The stereotypical image of drug addicts with sunken, vacant eyes only applies to people whose addiction is very advanced. In the early or middle stages of addiction, there may be no outward signs. There is no indicator or test that shows when a person has gone from being an abuser to being an addict. With some substances, addiction may take years to develop, while it can be almost instant with others. The reaction of each individual to any substance is also different.

You should suspect the possibility of addiction if a loved one's normal behavior changes substantially and without other rational explanation. This can manifest itself in many different ways, all of them negative. Note that if you try to discuss the changes with addicts, they will deny there is a problem.


When addicts finally understand that they need rehab, Drug Treatment St. Petersburg is available for both residential and outpatient care. Call (727) 362-4547 to learn all about various services and rehab centers. Don't let addiction take over your life.

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