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Following decades of decline in usage, heroin is making an unlikely comeback and heroin addiction is on the rise. Incredibly, better production and distribution methods have led to a substantial drop in the price of this lethal drug. People now pay more for a pack of cigarettes than they do for a packet of heroin. The wholesale rate is so low that it is hardly worth dealers' efforts to make a consignment go further by cutting the heroin with something else. The result is that purer forms are now being sold. This makes addiction even more likely for users, and increased numbers of people with addiction means increased deaths from accidental overdoses.

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What is heroin?

Heroin is a highly addictive and illegal drug that is manufactured from the opium poppy. Although illegal heroin has a justifiably bad reputation as a deadly drug, pure heroin taken in small doses is relatively harmless. In fact, when it was first manufactured, it was a legal drug that was widely used in medicine as a very effective pain reliever. It was only made illegal when health authorities began to realize how addictive the drug was.

Why is it addictive?

All opioids are addictive to some degree. Heroin and morphine are at the higher end of the scale in terms of addictiveness, although morphine is still a legal opioid. These drugs relieve pain by deflecting attention away from it. This occurs when heroin mutes the sensors in the brain that register pain, while simultaneously stimulating the pleasure receptors. Heroin has a profound effect on pleasure receptors, which people experience as a euphoric high. When the high disappears, they want to experience the euphoria again and will have a strong compulsion to take more. Some people are hooked after just one dose. Others may not get hooked quite so quickly, but the majority will be addicted within a very short time period.

Another factor at play is that the body quickly builds a tolerance to heroin. That makes it almost impossible for people to recreate the initial euphoria, but the compulsion to keep trying is very strong. People will increase the amount they take, or try taking heroin at greater frequencies in a hunt for the elusive high. They quickly find themselves using an awful lot of it.

How do people take heroin?

Heroin in its natural form is a powder, and people can take it by inhaling the powder directly through the nostrils (snorting), by smoking it or by injecting it. People who inject first melt the powder by heating it until it is liquid, and they then use hypodermic syringes to inject the liquid. People who inject are at far greater risk of dying from heroin than those who snort or smoke it.

Dangers of taking heroin

Heroin destroys lives. Addicts become obsessed with getting their next fix, and they lose interest in everything else, including their own personal health. When it is injected it is delivered almost instantly to the brain, and the effects are immediate. People who accidentally overdose this way can quickly sink into a coma. If treatment is delayed, they are at risk of dying.


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