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Prescription drug abuse

Prescription drugs have psychoactive properties which leads to prescription drug abuse if the drugs are not taken as a doctor instructed. Many who are now experiencing prescription drug abuse began using prescription medication, given by a doctor, due to illness or injury. When legal means to obtain more drugs no longer exists, many turn to illegal methods. Prescription drug abuse treatment programs are needed to treat the growing numbers of people with these addictions.

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Common prescription drug addiction substances

  • Sedatives addiction - Sedatives are prescribed medications and are anti-anxiety drugs also used for insomnia. Diazepam, brand name Valium, is a common sedative prescribed by doctors. As the tolerance builds, when sedatives taken for long durations or at higher doses, will result in prescription drug abuse and addiction issues.
  • Stimulants addiction - Stimulants are drugs given by a doctor to treat symptoms of hyperactivity disorders and attention-deficit disorders. One example is methylphenidate, used to treat people diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). People without ADHD feel the full effects of stimulants and the potential for abuse is high in these cases.
  • Opiates addiction - OxyContin is a drug prescribed for chronic pain when other pain medications aren't effective and is a powerful synthetic opiate painkiller. The abuse of prescribed OxyContin occurs when someone develops a tolerance for the OxyContin dosage prescribed. Some pretend the dosage isn't effective to obtain more of the drug. Conversely, doctors have "overprescribed" this drug by providing the medication improperly. Overprescribing involves allowing too high a dose or allowing too long a period of time for the drug to be taken. This results in abuse and addiction.

Treatment to combat withdrawal symptoms

Prescribed drugs, psychotherapy and other therapies are necessary to treat mental illnesses that are present in many addicts.

Adderall and Ambien abuse

Adderall and Ambien addicts will have withdrawal symptoms appear when they attempt to stop taking either drug.

Prescribed drugs given:

  • Buprenorphine - relieve withdrawal symptoms any pain.
  • Methadone - fills brain receptors to relieve symptoms.

Treatment for hydrocodone abuse

Hydrocodone addiction needs a medical detox. Drugs used in this opiate treatment:

  • Buprenorphine - relieves pain.
  • Nalaxone - reverses overdose on opiates.
  • Naltrexone - fills the brain's opioid receptors to curb cravings.
  • Methadone - imitates some effects of hydrocodone, with no euphoria.

The DEA schedule of drugs and their abuse potential

Prescription drugs fall into DEA Schedules II through V classifications.

  • Schedule I drugs have no medically approved uses, such as heroin or cocaine. All prescription drugs have medically approved uses.
  • Schedule II drugs have a high abuse likelihood, could lead to psychological or physical dependence, are considered dangerous and includes opiates.
  • Schedule III drugs carry a moderate to low likelihood for physical and psychological dependence and includes products with codeine.
  • Schedule IV has a low likelihood for abuse and low dependency risk and includes sedatives.
  • Schedule V has a lower likelihood for abuse than Schedule IV and consist of limited quantities of certain narcotics, includes cough preparations containing codeine.

Getting help

Prescription medication abuse can be overcome. You or a loved one do not have to deal with it alone. The qualified and licensed staff on hand can answer any questions you may have and offer assistance. Prescription medications can have a powerful hold on an abuser, and professional help is needed to break the cycle of abuse and addiction.

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