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Rehab recovery programs are important in addiction treatment. Rehab recovery programs help addicts to build on the good work they have done in making their minds up to get clean, and then being strong enough to make that a reality. Addicts have the best chance of getting off drugs or alcohol by opting for residential treatment in drug treatment centers, where they can avail of medical detox, followed by one or more rehab recovery programs.

When people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol eventually make the effort to quit taking those substances, they will have to face a future where they will encounter very powerful compulsions to go back on them again. Getting through withdrawal when they first stop using is immensely difficult, and their difficulties are far from over if they succeed. Long after they quit, they will still get urges to use again. Rehab recovery programs equip them to deal with these urges.

Recovery programs are needed not just immediately after quitting. Addicts have the best chance of staying clean by attending various recovery programs regularly to stay sober. Call Drug Treatment St. Petersburg. at (727) 362-4547 today.

12-step groups

Addicts benefit enormously from attending 12-step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. When they join one of these groups, they will almost certainly meet people who have been attending meetings for many years. It is not unusual to meet people who have been regular attendees for decades.

These long-term attendees have recognized the fact that they are never completely free from their addiction. Going to meetings helps keep them grounded and stops them from letting their guard down against the danger of relapse. Staying clean gets easier with time, and people can cut back on the number of times per year that they attend recovery meetings. How often a person attends meetings is his or her own choice, but addicts are strongly advised not to completely stop attending.

Behavioral therapy

There are programs of various behavioral therapies available in our drug treatment centers. They have many similarities, and addicts may benefit from joining more than one program. Examples include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

This is the most popular, and with good reason. It is simple and yields excellent results. It has spawned many variations, such as the ABC model, the ABCD model and the 5 Parts model. All of these therapies explore addicts' reasons for using drugs or alcohol, and help addicts recognize that their use of substances is an incorrect behavioral response to actions or events. They learn better responses.

Motivational interviewing

Addicts partake in semi-formal chats (interviews) with their therapist about their present status in life, and about where they want to be in the future. They define their own goals, and the therapist will then guide them to identifying the discrepancy between their goals and where they are. This leads addicts to being motivated to change.

Moral Reconation Therapy

Addicts are guided to an understanding of the immoral implications of their behavior in terms of the damage it causes. Addicts identify morally correct behavior, and what changes they need to adapt to act that way.

At Drug Treatment St. Petersburg, recovery programs cover many aspects of addiction, and teach addicts many different techniques for helping themselves and finding support and resources in their local community. Call at ((727) 362-4547 to learn more and begin your journey to recovery. Specialists at Drug Treatment St. Petersburg will answer any questions you might have.

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