St. Petersburg Drug Abuse Prevention

For many individuals with underlying disorders or genetics predisposed to drug addiction or alcoholism, drug abuse prevention involves never trying drugs to begin with. It means that parents must understand their own struggles and family history enough to be proactive in substance abuse prevention for their children, and for individuals to "know thyself" in ways that most individuals can't without some level of physical or mental maturity. The causes of alcoholism and addiction are multi-faceted and therefore any real drug abuse prevention program has to take into consideration that there are not only genetics at work that help to determine who will become an addict, but also a plethora of other mental health concerns that can lead to abuse as a form of self-medication. St Petersburg drug abuse prevention programs begin with educating people not only in the nature of addiction but also basic human physiology.

Therapy Strategies

Every incoming client with a drug abuse problem will have their own unique needs that are necessary for an effective recovery. We evaluate each incoming client, and design a treatment and recovery plan that will accommodate the specific needs of their addiction. Initially, individual sessions are necessary to pinpoint any co-occurring disorders that may be influencing drug abuse and misuse. Once you've spoken with an intake counselor and they have a firm understanding of the length and severity of your addiction, an appropriate detox strategy and treatment plan will be developed.

Staying Sober

Treating addiction means eliminating certain drug habits. Close friends that have not made a commitment to limit their drug use should be avoided. Peer pressure is one of the leading factors that can lead to a relapse. All temptation must be removed from your life to make the path to sobriety easier to handle. Your body will feel stronger than before, allowing you to gain better mental clarity through the years. Programs emphasize activity distraction, such as taking a walk when tempted, to keep your mind on a healthy track.

Alcohol is a drug that you can overcome. Call (727) 362-4547 to find access recovery tools and resources that will help you to find a sober life. A recovering addict must understand that controlling alcoholism and maintaining sobriety will be a lifelong endeavor, however St. Petersburg drug treatment centers will be there to assist you every step of the way

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