What is Rehab for Substance Abuse Like?

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment: What is Rehab for Substance Abuse Like?

One of the most important decisions that an addict can make is to seek out professional addiction treatment. The way addiction affects a person's behavior can cause them to want to avoid treatment of any kind, often because the denial of the problem. The National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed just how few addicts seek treatment: in 2009, 23.5 million people required treatment for substance use disorder; however, only around 2.6 million actually decided to go to rehab. Rehab for substance abuse is a crucial part of many people's journey to recovery, but what are drug rehabilitation programs like?

In this article, we will explore what it is like to be in a rehab for substance abuse.

Typical Rehab for Substance Abuse Experience

To dispel fears that a person may have about rehab, we will take a closer look at what a typical rehab for substance abuse is like.
It starts with the intake or assessment. Every addict needs to be treated as an individual, meaning that a tailor-made program needs to be created for them since one rehab program may have great success in one patient but sub-par effectiveness in another patient. The assessment looks at past drug and alcohol abuse, social and family life, medical history including mental health, and any past treatment plans. The assessor is also there to answer any questions the person may have, and to provide the legal documents that need to be completed before rehab can begin.

The next step is to start the recovery, and that usually begins with detoxification. This can be a trying time and most people can benefit from a medical detox that drug rehabilitation programs provide. The patient will be given medications to assist them with the often overwhelming withdrawal symptoms. The detox is closely monitored by trained professionals so that any medical complication that may arise can be dealt with quickly and effectively. Detox normally carries on for around a week before the symptoms dissipate or become manageable. The recovering person can then put all of their focus on their treatment. If you want to know what a typical day at drug rehabilitation near me would be like, then think of it as a get-away where every day is centered on your recovery. A patient may go to group therapy sessions, individual therapy and be involved with 12-step program meetings. Many of the rehab programs also provide alternative treatments that are incorporated into a person's daily life at rehab. These include treatments such as music and art therapy, yoga, exercise and biofeedback. There are various rules that one needs to adhere to at a rehab. They are designed to keep the recovering person away from substance abuse and focused on their recovery in a healthy way. They may vary from rehab to rehab but common rules include no violence, no drugs or alcohol allowed, no inappropriate conduct, no leaving the facility unless permission was given, attendance of all required treatments and compliance with drug testing.

Rewards and Privileges

If you want to know more about rewards and privileges at a drug rehabilitation near me, then rest assured that good behavior is rewarded. For those who follow all the rules and make improvements in their recovery, they may be given various rewards such as more free-time, unsupervised weekend passes and have their family and friends come to visit them at rehab.




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